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The Quietest Year


  • The Quietest Year is a powerful, haunting film about noise. Set in the seemingly peaceful state of Vermont, it reveals the dreadful consequences on individuals’ lives of the lack of noise regulations in America. Filmmaker Karen Akins interweaves her own deep, dark personal story with those of others battling horrendous noise problems and devastated by the authorities’ refusal to take action. The callousness of the noise culprits and the indifference of the authorities will take your breath away. The images and the sounds will live with you long after the film is over. I doubt any film has ever captured the deep darkness of noise like this one, the despair of helplessness it brings on. Don’t miss it. You won’t see its likes again.

    John Stewart, UK Noise Association

  • The Quietest Year tells the story of an often overlooked but hugely important issue to our health and well being.  For those not living in Vermont, the reality that our bucolic environment is struggling with noise pollution may be a surprise, but for locals this film gives a voice to what many of us are experiencing.  The Quietest Year shares many eye opening stories with the potential to make a positive change for the future.

    Heather Knoll, Sustainable Woodstock

  • The Quietest Year is a compelling documentary exposing the overlooked epidemic of noise pollution, sparking a call to action for societal change. Karen Akins’ film received an acclaimed Vermont premiere at Made Here Film Festival 2024.

    Mehdi Balamissa, Film Fest Report